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Complete Computer Diagnostics

Our highly trained technicians use the latest computerized diagnostic equipment to provide your vehicle the most accurate automotive service in Miami. Our repair technicians use diagnostic equipment to receive detailed data for your vehicle’s specific make and model. That way, we can ensure that our repair and maintenance services are in complete compliance with your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty. Our Comserv auto repair team provides your vehicle the same specialized service you would receive at a dealer, but with a better experience! Contact us today at (305) 259-2077, or schedule an appointment online for your next service!

If you think you need brake repair in Round Rock, TX, please do not hesitate to take your car to your trusted local auto repair shop to be checked out by a professional mechanic right away. Your car’s brakes are not something to take lightly! The safety of you, your passengers and anyone else on the road depends on your car having a brake system that works properly.

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